Professor Michael Fredholm is an historian and former military analyst who has published extensively on the history, defense strategies, security policies, and energy sector developments of Eurasia. He currently is the Head of Research and Development at IRI, an independent research institute. IRI emerged out of the work carried out at the Stockholm International Program for Central Asian Studies (SIPCAS), which originated at Stockholm University and from 2012 was based at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul. At Stockholm University, Michael Fredholm made a special study of Central Asian geopolitics, Afghanistan, Islamic extremism, and the causes of and defense strategies to counter terrorism. He has worked as an independent academic advisor to governmental, inter-governmental, and non-governmental bodies for more than two decades, including on Foreign Ministry official reports on Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and failing states. Michael Fredholm also led the team which developed the lone actor terrorism counter-strategy and training program for the Swedish National Bureau of Investigation and Swedish Police Authority, which was implemented in 2014-2015. Educated at Uppsala, Stockholm, and Lund Universities, Michael Fredholm taught at Stockholm University (South and Central Asia Program), Uppsala University (Orientalist Program), the Swedish Royal Military Academy and Defence University (various courses), and at a special educational and advisory program on East Asia for the Commander-in-Chief. He also lectured, during conferences or as visiting professor, at numerous institutions and universities in cities around the world including Ankara, Bishkek, Greifswald, Istanbul, Karlskrona, Kolkata, Krynica, Leuven, Madrid, New Delhi, Oslo, Shanghai, Srinagar, Stockholm, Tashkent, The Hague, Tsukuba, Uppsala, Vienna, Vilnius, and Warsaw.

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