The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Geopolitics

  • First study to properly treat a key regional grouping in Asia.
  • Explores both security and energy issues across the region.
  • Considers geopolitical obstacles to the SCO’s long-term viability.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) has developed into a key regional security group in Asia, its member states representing no less than “half of humanity”.

Alarmists believe that the SCO is making itself into a NATO of the East, thus posing a long-term threat to the West. Moreover, several members are key players in economic development and energy production, hence political developments within the SCO can no longer be ignored by the global market. Even so, the organization has long been disregarded by political leaders in the West and is seldom reported in Western media or analysed in academic works. As such, this ground-breaking volume with contributors from across the region and beyond will be a key reference for many specialists and academics working on Asian affairs.

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